Welcome to Our Pharmacy

A good neighbor is someone who cares about your community, your family, and your wellbeing. That’s Twain Harte Pharmacy, your local Health Mart Pharmacy. Twain Harte Pharmacy has been part of the local community since 1983, serving the residents of and the surrounding area. We’re able to offer quality products and services – at prices that are competitive with the big national chains. Plus, we offer a special dose of caring that makes you feel right at home. Get to know us, and get to know the value we can bring to your family’s life.

Meet Our Staff

Michael Clark, Pharmacist in Charge

Long time Tuolumne County pharmacist, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Erin, Pharmacy Catalyst

Hardworking, honest, efficient, fast and dependable.

Toni, Pharmacy Technician

Knowledgeable, fast and efficient billing specialist that goes above and beyond.

Mickey, Pharmacy Technician

Reliable, honest and hard-working.

Jennifer, Pharmacy Technician

Honest, nice and willing to take on anything.

Martha, Pharmacy Clerk

Considerate and provides reliable and friendly service.

Abby, Pharmacy Clerk

Happy, energetic and eager to help everyone.

Justice, Pharmacy Clerk

Open, analytical and ready for any situation.

More Than Just A Pharmacy